Welcome to the Isaac Gym Preview Forum

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Isaac Gym Preview forum!

We’re very excited to be releasing the work we’ve been doing to enable full end-to-end GPU RL training live, and we hope that everyone enjoys it.

The Gym team is already hard at work to bring these capabilities to Omniverse and the full Isaac Sim. We’re putting this version of Isaac Gym out there to help drive RL research efforts forward in the meantime, and to get
your feedback on our new tensor-based physics and control APIs.

We will try our best to answer your questions, so please go ahead and ask away.

Take care,

Great Job!

Hope to try it as soon as possible!

Well done! I have been paying attention to Issac Gym. Hope to try as soon as possible

As I can see, it’s already possible to try it. However, where to download Isaac Gym (or how to install)?


You need to sign up at https://developer.nvidia.com/isaac-gym and then you’ll be able to download it.

Take care,