Training Your JetBot in NVIDIA Isaac Sim

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How do you teach your JetBot new tricks? In this post, we highlight NVIDIA Isaac Sim simulation and training capabilities by walking you through how to train the JetBot in Isaac Sim with reinforcement learning (RL) and test this trained RL model on NVIDIA Jetson Nano with the real JetBot. Figure 1. Which one is…

Hi there, for training on omniverse, besides the isaac sim, do we need any other libs? i check your post and the source code in github, the readme.txt in the isaccsim_patch says:
Please copy these files over to your Isaac Sim 2020.2 folder before training.
Specifically, goes to source/extensions/omni.isaac/synthetic_utils/python/scripts/
The other 4 files go to source/python_samples/jetbot

so where is the omniverse extension, where can we download the extension?

You can register and download Isaac Sim here, as stated in the blog post.

“First, download Isaac Sim. Running Isaac Sim requires the following resources:”

Hi HaiLocLu,
thanks for the reply, I already downloaded the Isaac Sim, and could not find the extensions in this location: extensions/omni.isaac.
Instead , i found out another directory, looks like it is what I want:
I will do the sample training later.

Thanks much. You’re right. I was referring to the internal path, while the path for your public build should be in the _build folder. I updated the instructions on my github.