Installation and setting up

Can someone point me towards an Installation / setting up instruction to setup Isaac Sim that is communicating with Visual Studio for use of Python and C/C++ etc.

It has to have some ‘Hello world’ examples along the way, so I can try if things work for later use.

It also should be able to work with Isaac Gym later for movement fine tuning and machine learning mechanisms.

At the moment my installation of Isaac Sim doesn’t seem to know about or be able to communicate with Visual Studio. It could be because I have another version of Python, like IDLE and command-line, installed.

The plan is to scrap the whole installation of Windows and start over again, following an instruction that has some promise to work.

@b.zarzycki1 you can probably start here - Python Environment Installation — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation. Under tutorial section, you will be able to find the Hello World example - 4.1. Hello World — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation and i would suggest reviewing the sections leading up to it to make sure you aren’t missing steps. on a side note, Isaac Sim should be using Python 3.10

i believe there are also a few livestreams where the devs went through initial set ups, you could probably find it in the YT channel -

As per this tutorial page 3.3. Debugging With Visual Studio Code — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

I am unable to move from

I guess this mean I can’t connect Isaac Sim with Visual Studio (don’t have a clue about status of Python at the moment - how to verify it ?)

In case you are going to ask, I have installed Code in the Exchange, but it is still showing red.

Additionally, I have just noticed that there is the following message in the ‘terminal’ of the Visual Studio

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘omni’

Maybe this video would help if only I knew any Korean.

Still no joy. Even after reinstalling Windows 10 from scratch, it didn’t make any difference. I am still unable to lunch a Python script to do anything inside the Isaac Sim, even if it was a simple object creationg… For testing I am loading buildin examples but when I try to lunch Python from the Visual Studio it doesn’t do anything.

In the new installation it does mention something about omni.* not being available or installed.

Do I need to install any of it manually at some point. If so, how?

There should some way to simply install Isaac Sim, possibly with some other software, packages, extensions, etc. link it with Visual Studio and Python/C++, load an example robot with approperiate scripts and see that it works simply by tinkering with the code.

None of it works. There is no seemingly connection between Visual Studio and Isaac Sim.

Where do I miss the tricks ?

After the full reinstall of Windows (ver. 10, twice), I took my steps very slowly and never manually installed any Python interpreter, apart from what was already delivered with the Isaac Sim. Somehow the ‘Open source code’ button works, which makes all the difference.

This allowed me to tinker with the code of the scene. By commenting out the single line of code


I was able to check whether this line of code is linked with currently open scene, and it was - when the line was there the ground plane was loading; when the line was commented out, the ground plane was not showing up.

Is there any more convenient way of tinkering with the code, apart from going to File / Save in the Visual Studio and File / New / Don’t save; Isaac Examples / Hello World ?

Besides when I create my own, or modify existing, example it doesn’t show up in Isaac Examples menu. Where should I be looking for it ?

Should I install any Python interpreted in Visual Studio as it keeps nagging me about that,

or would it break the existing setup ?

Hi @b.zarzycki1 - This extension will help you resolve the issue to connect VS code with Isaac Sim

In our upcoming release, we are planning to support this extension officially.

that is fantastic! 🙌