Would Isaac Sim support contact force tensor on rigid bodies?

Hello, I am preparing to transfer from Isaac Gym to Issac Sim.

Isaac Gym had a simple and user-familiar API for RL, and It has been of great help in my work.
However, transferring to Isaac Sim would be vital to merge visual perception in my workflow.

I think Isaac Sim is more functional, but a bit trickier to do RL tasks with.
One trouble is that the API of Isaac Sim does not enclose all functions included in Isaac Gym API.
Especially, I used acquire_net_contact_force_tensor() in Isaac Gym to model 3-axis force sensors in RL.

So far as I have experienced, it seems like there is no same function in Isaac Sim.
I guess contact sensors do not support the tensor API, and the articulated force sensor was unstable and not related to the contact forces.

Is there any other way to get the contact force tensor that I could not find?
Or, would the future update will include the function?