Isaac Sim support for other NVIDIA GPUs

Can NVIDIA Isaac Sim be run (in whole or part) on a machine without an NVIDIA RTX GPU listed in the requirements here?

Is there any cross-compatibility for other NVIDIA GPUs, e.g., based on compute capability?

In my personal case, I am running a workstation with an NVIDIA Quadro GPU (P520, specifically) and would like to know if I would be able to run Isaac Sim to any extent on this machine. So far, I have only noticed similar questions asking whether it is possible without a GPU of any sort, or remotely, but that is not my case.

I apologize if Isaac SDK is not the appropriate category for this as it is related to hardware support. Please feel free to recategorize if necessary.

Happy to provide more details and specs as requested.

Moving this to the Isaac Sim category for better visibility.

Hi @alok.deshpande - The requirement in the latest doc is the min/good/ideal cases. You can try to install the Isaac Sim on Quadro GPU. It may or may not work and if it works then perf might not be as expected.

The posts you have linked are almost 3 years old. Things have changed quite a lot on Isaac Sim side since then.

Alternatively, you can run the Isaac Sim via container or through cloud if you don’t have the compatible GPU on the workstation.

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Thank you for the quick reply. I was waiting to see if I might be able to access to an RTX GPU after all.

Since that does not seem to be likely at this point, I will try this on Quadro soon and let you know if I still have more questions/comments. Hopefully I will be able to report back with some result.

To be clear, running with a container or on a cloud resource does not eliminate the need for the remote machine to have an RTX GPU, correct? (At least, to achieve the minimum expected performance.)

Yes, Min. hardware requirement still holds true for running Isaac Sim on remote workstation and cloud as well.

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