Questions about buying into NVIDIA for Robotics and Deep Reinforcement Learning on AGX Xavier

I come from the ROS robotics world. Here are my questions:

1- What hardware is required to run the NVIDIA Isaac Platform?
1-1 Can a Jetson AGX Xavier double as the hardware to run the complete NVIDIA Isaac Platform during training (including simulation) and the hardware to deploy a trained neural net for a robot? If not, what is the expected work flow with hardware support and its corresponding cost? [* I’m trying ti decide if I need a buy desktop/server or just buy the Jetson AGX Xavier and hook it up to monitor+keyboard+mouse…or if this idea of just using the AGX is altogether a wrong concept *]
1-2 Will I have any troubles using the NVIDIA Isaac Platform with the following desktop configuration?
1—CPU: Ryzen 9 3900X 4.6 GHz 12 CPU Core 24 threads
2—GPU: One NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti 1.635 GHz 4352 CUDA Core 11 GB Memory
3—Ram: Vengeance RGB Pro 64gb ram 3600Mhz

2- What sensors are available in Isaac Sim? (I know it has RGB-D, Lidar and IMU)
2-1 Pressure sensors?
2-2 IR sensors?
2-3 Other sensors?

3- What robot models are available in Isaac Sim? (e.g. - Webots has many models)

Hi s_quintanar,

Isaac SDK runs on and is optimized for Jetson AGX Xavier systems. Please find more information from
And you can also ask your questions at Isaac foru: