Fluid simulation

Hi. For my research project I would like to simulate an amphibious robot that interacts with water. Both PhysX and Flex seem to be able to do this using discrete particle simulations to model fluids. I was wondering if there is a smart way to load an environment with water (i.e. a lot of particles that utilize FEM or SPH techniques) that can be designed beforehand (using for example Unity, Isaac Omniverse or Flex).

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Hi @fuda.van.diggelen,

The current version of Isaac Gym doesn’t support fluid simulation. You can still try to implement a simplified floating robot model similar to how we did with flying quadcopters, but there is no way for physically correct floating robot simulation at the moment.

Hi @vmakoviychuk,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, for my specific application it is important to model the interaction effects of the robot with the water. I was under the impression from several sources that either PhysX (Announcing NVIDIA PhysX SDK 5.0 | NVIDIA Developer Blog) or FleX could do this (NVIDIA FleX | NVIDIA Developer). Does the reference in your comment to the ‘current version of Isaac Gym’ imply the possibility for this in the future, or is it better to start looking into other simulators?

Fuda van Diggelen

Hi @fuda.van.diggelen,

You are totally right, PhysX is going to have all these features mentioned in a blog post, but the PhysX version the current version of Isaac Gym is based on doesn’t support liquid simulation. The future version of Isaac Gym will be based on NVIDIA Omniverse and use the latest PhysX feature available at that moment, but for now, I can’t provide any timeline.

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