Nvidia eco-system: Isaac Gym, Flex, and PhysX


I’m new to this world of simulation for robotics. My main focus is manipulation.

I’ve understand that Isaac Gym will enable us to create simulations as presented in this work:

In previous works of Fox et al. https://arxiv.org/pdf/1810.05687.pdf I saw that Flex was used. In addition, I saw there is PhysX engine.

  1. What is the relations between these frameworks?
  2. Is there any source code that show how to use Flex like in the paper of Fox et al.?



Hi Dotan,

Flex, or more precisely Flex Gym build a top of Flex used for these 2 projects could be seen as an early and research version of RL/robotics training framework grown into Isaac Gym as a result.

Isaac Gym has faster and higher quality RTX renderer, Python and C++ support from creating training environments and 2 physics simulation backends available - PhysX and Flex. Training environments similar to the ones used in these 2 papers and new ones are going to be released together with Isaac Gym.