Speed up the simulation on Isaac Gym

If I use a lot of GPUs, will it speed up the simulation? I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to increase the processing speed. I have the following settings for a 10000 second multi-robot simulation. Machine learning is not implemented yet.

max_step=600000 (defined by myself, and using at while loop)

I’m using GeForce RTX2080Ti, and it takes about 9650 seconds in real time with rendering disabled. And the GPU utilization was 14%.

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simulation parameters

sim_params = gymapi.SimParams()
sim_params.dt = 1/60
sim_params.substeps = 2
sim_params.up_axis = gymapi.UP_AXIS_Z
sim_params.gravity = gymapi.Vec3(0.0, 0.0, -9.8)

PhysX-specific parameters

sim_params.physx.use_gpu = True # don’t forget, this is True
sim_params.physx.solver_type = 1
sim_params.physx.num_position_iterations = 6
sim_params.physx.num_velocity_iterations = 1
sim_params.physx.contact_offset = 0.01
sim_params.physx.rest_offset = 0.0

set Flex-specific parameters

sim_params.flex.solver_type = 5
sim_params.flex.num_outer_iterations = 4
sim_params.flex.num_inner_iterations = 20
sim_params.flex.relaxation = 0.8
sim_params.flex.warm_start = 0.5

I was able to solve this problem.
We need to comment out the following statement.

#cam_props = gymapi.CameraProperties()
#viewer = gym.create_viewer(sim, cam_props)
#gym.draw_viewer(viewer, sim, True)

We can reduce the processing time by turning off the view.