Physics simulator options

Hello, I am interested in doing research in deep RL and path planning for robotics.

I have a question about Isaac, I have read from multiple places that the phyX engine is incomplete and lacks forces coriolis forces.

  1. Is this correct?

  2. Can I use a different physics engine like Bullet or ODE?


Hi @lowellm

I’m afraid that you can’t substitute another physics engine into Isaac Gym.

PhysX is an extremely powerful and fast library that we have used for multiple Sim2Real robotics projects already.

It does integrate Coriolis forces with articulations. If you need them for rigid bodies, this is something we may be able to provide in the future.

Can you tell us more about your need for Coriolis forces? They are unlikely to make a lot of difference in most robotics work, unless you are trying to catch spinning objects, or doing zero-g work.

Take care,