Is it possible to run Nvidia FleX with Isaac Sim?

I saw that there’s a unity plugin, but I wanted to know if it was possible to load the library with isaac sdk & isaac sim?

Hi, I don’t think you can load that plugin in Isaac Sim and FLEX is not available in Isaac Sim. May I know which features of FLEX you are interested in? Here is the current physics simulation features that is available in Isaac Sim and Omniverse.

You could also try out Isaac Gym which has FLEX.

Thanks for the prompt response.
I wanted to be able to model deformable objects like clothing and it seemed like FleX was best suited for this.

What are the differences between Isaac Gym and Isaac Sim?

I’m afraid soft bodies are not supported in Isaac Sim yet but I believe it is in the roadmap.

Isaac Gym is currently a standalone app used for reinforcement learning. Isaac Sim is part of the Omniverse platform and can be used with Isaac SDK but we have slightly different physics features compared to Isaac Gym.

Isaac Gym features will be part of Omniverse and Isaac Sim in the future.

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