Colaboration with isaac SDK (and Sim?)

Hello everyone.
Can anybody point me to some example or documentation about how to use isaac Gym work’s results (*.pl models in log folder) with isaac SDK (Sim). What is pipeline for that case?
For example i trained franka robot to throw balls in some special way, how can i implement that model with SDK to see simulation of it’s work in Sim?

Hi vyachaslau.palidavets,
you don’t need Isaac SDK for this. you can connect to Omniverse Isaac Sim through python scripting and test the inference there.


Is there any instruction on how to test Isaac Gym’s training result in Isaac Sim? I can’t find anything.
I start both(Gym and Sim) remotely with AWS.

Unfortunately we don’t have an example for that in the current release of Isaac Sim and Isaac Gym.