Isaac Sim custom objects


i lately feel kind of overwhelmed with the difference between Isaac Gym and and Isaac Sim. As I only want to use Isaac as simulation for replacing the real robot with a virtual, I thought to use Isaac Sim.
For my use case I would need the same set up (same tasks) as in factory example published by Nvidia lately.
Can you please help me how to import the plug, peg or other objects into Isaac Sim and having the same physical properties?

thank you very much!

Hi @julian.balletshofer,

Can you please share the link of factory example you are referring to? and also, what is the format of the file that you are planning to import to?

Meanwhile, here is the document which explains about when to use Isaac Gym: 1. Overview & Getting Started — Omniverse Robotics documentation

this is the example where I want to take the objects and also the setup (the environment).

So according to the explanation Isaac Gym would also allow to have just an api where I can feed the torques f.e. and get the next states (just compute the physics).

thank you very much!