Upcoming Isaac Sim Release Clarifications

Nvidia Staff,

I was wondering if you could share your expectations regarding the next release of Isaac Sim with an understanding that these aren’t promises, but predictions given your current understanding of development progress. As a software engineer, I understand that things don’t always go as planned, and any answers you may provide are tentative.

The project my team is working on is an excellent fit for Isaac Sim, however we’re running into a few roadblocks due to shortcomings in the 2021.2.1 release. Could you please answer these questions to help us with planning?

  1. Which quarter is the next release of Isaac Sim expected to be available?

  2. Currently Isaac Sim cannot do any OpenAI Gym/Stable-Baselines3 based reinforcement learning. Is Isaac Gym still expected to be fully integrated into the next release and resolve this issue?

  • 2a. Will Isaac Gyms integration mean USD importing is enabled?
  1. We would like to model fluids and soft bodies in Isaac Sim. Is PhysX 5.0 plus documentation expected to be included in the next release? Otherwise, will we be able to use FleX?

Your team is working on a really exciting and valuable project, thank you for your help.

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