Standalone version of IsaacGym still under development?

I wonder if NVIDIA keeps developing IsaacGym standalone version, as it is current release is a “Preview” version? I am currently evaluating which one to use, and this would be the most important factor.
I guess its still maintained, as even people at nvidia are using it in their recent projects, like Eureka?

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Hi @p.vorlaufer - As announced at GTC, you will be able to unified Reinforcement learning app “Isaac Lab” in next few months. Until then you can use 9. Isaac Gym — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

Will there be bigger API changes in IsaacLab compared to IsaacSim? I am currently trying to get environments written for IsaacGym to run in IsaacSim, and there is a lot to rewrite in the setup (split up of Env and Task, new ArticulationView API)? Wouldn’t want to do that amount of work again in a few month…

In that case, we would ask you to wait until the new release comes out in next few months. It will have new APIs.

Thanks for the answers. Still the original question is open: will standalone IsaacGym be supported in the future as well? Concerning pytorch updates etc… many people seem to use it at the moment, and even NVIDIA published the Eureka paper in IsaacGym, although IsaacSim was already out at that time.

Hi @p.vorlaufer - No, after the Isaac Lab release, only that will be supported.