Will closed-chain be supported in the future?

I just tried Isaac Sim on my laptop, and I noticed that I can actually create a closed chain mechanism, but as the previous forum said, Isaac Gym does not yet support creating such a robot. I have a Tesla V100 workstation, which can not run Isaac Sim since it does not have the RTX feature. It would be great if standalone Isaac Gym can simulate closed chain because I do not really need the RTX rendering in my project.

My questions are:

  1. Is supporting closed-chain robots planned in future standalone Isaac Gym releases?

  2. I noticed that there has been an integration of Gym into Omniverse Isaac Sim. Does it mean that standalone Isaac Gym has stopped developing?

  3. It may not be a proper place to ask this, but will Omniverse Isaac Sim support running on non-RTX GPUs in the future?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @AlanSunHR

Sorry for the late response on this, but we’ve just released Isaac Sim 2022.1.1, which has updated and much improved Gym / RL functionality built in.

We are unlikely to release further updates to the standalone Isaac Gym at this time as we make this transition, though it’s not beyond the realm of possibility.

Unfortunately, we don’t have support for non-RTX GPUs for Isaac Sim at the moment. I don’t know whether that may be subject to some change in the future - RTX is definitely a requirement for some of the sensors and synthetic data features available in Isaac Sim.

Take care,

Thanks a lot for your explanation!