Will closed-chain be supported in the future?

I just tried Isaac Sim on my laptop, and I noticed that I can actually create a closed chain mechanism, but as the previous forum said, Isaac Gym does not yet support creating such a robot. I have a Tesla V100 workstation, which can not run Isaac Sim since it does not have the RTX feature. It would be great if standalone Isaac Gym can simulate closed chain because I do not really need the RTX rendering in my project.

My questions are:

  1. Is supporting closed-chain robots planned in future standalone Isaac Gym releases?

  2. I noticed that there has been an integration of Gym into Omniverse Isaac Sim. Does it mean that standalone Isaac Gym has stopped developing?

  3. It may not be a proper place to ask this, but will Omniverse Isaac Sim support running on non-RTX GPUs in the future?

Thanks a lot!