I just installed Isaac Sim (2021.2.0) for the first time


I just installed Isaac Sim (2021.2.0) for the first time. Is it possible to use Isaac Gym on Isaac Sim at this time? In that case, specifically, is there any benefit to me by using Isaac Sim? I think Isaac Sim will improve drawing performance compared to Isaac Gym, so is it better to use Isaac Sim when using a camera?
I don’t know the current relationship between Isaac Sim and isaacGym.

Hi @DDPG7 ,

Isaac Sim and Isaac Gym are currently separate frameworks. We will be working on bringing Isaac Gym to Isaac Sim so you can take advantage of everything in Isaac Sim along with the benefits of using vectorized environments that’s currently in Isaac Gym. For now, Isaac Sim focuses on single-environment robotics needs so you will likely not see the performance benefits of Isaac Gym in Isaac Sim at the moment.


understood. If I get tired of Isaac Gym, I will play with Isaac Sim.