Benefits of using Isaac SIM with Isaac ROS


I am currently running DNN Object Detection using Isaac ROS (Tutorial for DNN Object Detection with Isaac Sim — isaac_ros_docs documentation)
While going through the quickstart step (isaac_ros_detectnet — isaac_ros_docs documentation), for the input image I got the following output:

I wish to understand what all functionalities and benefits I can get if I integrate Isaac ROS with Isaac SIM?
Please help me understand the functionalities that are provided by Isaac SIM that can be added on top of Isaac ROS.


Hi @ashima

Welcome to this forum.

Using Isaac Sim offers several benefits for testing our Isaac ROS packages or creating a digital twin to simulate and test driving your robot in a specific environment.

For example, you can drive your robot or our example in a virtual environment on Isaac Sim to quickly understand how the package works and how the same package can operate directly on your robot or setup.

For the demo you are linked you can try Isaac ROS Object detection directly on Isaac Sim trying live with a live stream coming from the cameras or use the first quickstart trying just with an image from a rosbag file.

I hope this reply can help you.