Can Isaac be used for control and planning?

Can Isaac be used for control and planning?
Isaac is mostly described in terms of its use in simulation validation(Omniverse).
If it is used for robotics, deepstream can accurately identify external information and make inferences, so what can Isaac do with the inference results? I don’t really understand the role of Isaac ros.

Isaac is NVIDIA’s platform for developing and deploying intelligent robotics solutions. Simulation with photo-realistic rendering and real-time physics is a key part of that platform and so you’ll see Isaac Sim featured prominently. Deepstream is a set of hardware-accelerated packages for intelligent video analytics (IVA) built on top of gstreamer as a middleware.

Isaac ROS is a collection of hardware-accelerated packages for robotics built on top of ROS2. You can develop packages for control and planning in Isaac ROS and interact with real hardware or a simulation as needed.

I should buy the kind of robot arm that Isaac ROS can directly support. The arm should be able to subscribe to Isaac ROS messages and automatically parse and perform actions according to the format of the message sent, right?
Can you recommend one for me?

Isaac ROS works within the ROS2 ecosystem which supports thousands of arms with vendor provided ROS2 packages and manipulation packages such as MoveIt2. Take a look at the following for more information:

Isaac ROS planned the path and control, can I port it to jetson nano or tx2?
Let it guide the machine to move in reality.

Isaac ROS is supported on AGX Orin, Orin Nano 8GB, AGX Xavier, Xavier NX, and other Jetson. Not all Isaac ROS packages are likely to work on a TX2 or a Jetson Nano, however.