Inference in Isaac Sim

Can I run an object detection inference in Isaac Sim 2022.x? I saw the Isaac SDK inference examples but version of the SDK is not updated for almost 2 years at this subject or version.

Hi @MuratKOSE. I’m not sure about this one. I’ll move this question to the Isaac Sim forum. They’ll have a better idea.

Hi @MuratKOSE - Someone from our team will respond to your question shortly.

Can you please provide some more info when you say running object detection inference in Isaac Sim?

Meanwhile, you can review this docs and let us know if these documents help you:

@MuratKOSE you can run inference in Isaac Sim, but not through Isaac SDK bridge, you can run it through ROS. For example you can use this Isaac ROS Dope inference with Isaac Sim

I know I can use ROS in Isaac Sim and visualize it somewhere else but my purpose is different. What I mean is can we run inference in Isaac Sim’s viewport? I want to run my TAO model in simulation see the interactions in viewport like in image below but with my object detection model.

Yes, you should be able to do that