Can we use yolov5+deepsort in Isaac Sim

Can Isaac Sim do target detection and tracking?I hope to achieve target detection and tracking in the simulation environment

Thank you, Isaac Sim engineer. My English level is not high and I can’t hear you clearly on the phone. I hope to get your help in the email, my email is

please explain more what you want to do

I put a fixed camera inside Isaac Sim, and I set up a scene with objects passing by. I want to be able to use object detection (YOLOv5) for identification in this scenario and Deepsort for tracking. Is there a way I can port my deep learning framework for object detection and tracking into Isaac Sim?

I want to build a sorting platform for express packages in Isaac Sim. According to visual perception, target detection, tracking and pose estimation of express packages are carried out, and finally path planning is carried out by using its location information.

Now I want to build a sorting platform with VS Code Link and load deep learning methods (Yolov5 and DeepSort) into Isaac Sim to do it.

In addition, I would like to ask another question. I want to load many omnidirectional wheel module units. Can Isaac Sim support the movement of many omnidirectional wheel units? Can it support the path planning of express parcels on a platform composed of these omnidirectional wheel units?

Thank you very much for your help and technical support. We hope to use Isaac Sim to realize our graduation design, and we hope that our work can finally openly help more people who want to use Isaac Sim.