Fluid Dynamics UAV, blimp, subsea

I was wondering if there is any way to simulate fluid dynamics and its interaction with objects in Isaac Sim for example due to strong wind or water stream. This could affect the navigation of a blimp for example, or of a robot in a river.

If that’s not possible/there yet, would it be possible for me to create a plugin that models the interaction between it and the given robot? In my group, we’ve done something similar for Gazebo where every link of our blimp affected by the wind has this custom plugin that models the drift.

I’ve seen something related to fire/smoke but it seems restricted to that realm rather than, for example, a global generation of wind in the whole scene.

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Hi ,

Isaac Sim does not directly support fluid dynamic at the moment, but you might find some information here: Fluid Dynamics — Omniverse Extensions documentation
to see to what extent PhysX in Omniverse supports it and write your own extension/plugin.
please check this instruction on how to build your own extension: Extensions — Omniverse Kit 100.2 documentation