Adding additional dynamics forces to simulated system

This is a similar question as was asked here, but i’m unsure how the isaac/isaac-sdk and omniverse isaac sim forums are separate so i’ll ask here. Is there any way to add additional dynamics forces to a robots links? Specifically i’m interested in simulating hydrodynamics, so i’d like to be able to add a buoyancy/drag force to each link on a robot model.

I’m coming from the land of Gazebo, so I have c++ gazebo plugin code already doing this and ideally i’d be able to modify that code to use the isaac/physx API to apply those same forces. I’ve looked through all of the documentation that I can find and I don’t see anything that shows how to do this or if it’s even possible(yet?).



After looking more into the physx documentation I think what I’m looking for is to actually utilize the physx API to play with the physics within an isaac sim. Please correct me if i’m wrong here. Also I don’t see any physx headers in the isaac install which makes me think it’s all bundled in a library and I won’t be able to access the physx API? :’(