Add force to object in Isaac Sim in python

I 'd appreciate it if anyone coule help me about how to add forces to imported USD objects in Isaac Sim in python .I have some trouble on it because I want to do some physics simulations in Isaac Sim.

there are multiple ways how to apply a force directly using omni physx or tensor API:
a) on the tensorAPI rigid view you can use: apply_forces_and_torques_at_position
b) through omni.physx interface you can do:

        force = carb.Float3(1000.0, 1000.0, 1000.0)
        get_physx_interface().apply_force_at_pos("/xform", force, position)

c) you can also take a look at Force demo (Window->Simulation->Physics->Demos). Here you can add force to a rigid body or to a xform under it and define the force using USD directly. The ForceAPI will apply the force based on the API setting. You can play with it by creating a box with a rigid body and adding the force api.


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