Underwater basic environment


I hope to build a basic underwater environment on Isaac Sim. For now, just a cube floating on the water, probably using only buoyancy and drag. What is the best way to start this application? It looks like Physx is the best start to build an environment like this, but I don’t know if another way was recently added to Isaac.


Hi @leonlime - As of now, there’s no specific underwater environment feature in Isaac Sim, so using PhysX for the physics simulation is good starting point.

@rthaker Thanks for answer!

Do you have any start point to build this using Physx? (Documentation or video)

Hi @leonlime - It would be faster if you model the hydrodynamics by yourself and then add forces on the Rigid Bodies using physics extension.

@rthaker I am currently pursuing this approach, but I believe it would be more intriguing if the principles of physics were applied to each object within the scene. I intend to continue my study in this area. Thank you

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