Are there any plans for water in Omniverse?

I admit I don’t know how to use your particle systems or flow or warp or any of that, does your current system have a way to do any of these?

  1. A water sprinkler (either the go back and forth kind or if you are rich the ones on a timer
  2. Rain or a shower
  3. Waterfall (I’ve kind of gotten close to this with thousands of little spheres, but it starts going 1 frame every couple of seconds so not really an option).
  4. Water from a sink and / or spray wand (had to look that name up)
  5. Beach waves

If any of this is possible now, please make a video on how to do it.


Hello @DataJuggler! Here are some links that may help you get started:

I’ve read all that and looked at the sample projects (most of them).

Videos are helpful to see it when you all have time to add more. I will see if I can figure out.

Thank you.