Examples for the Deformable-Liquid Particles System Using a Warp

Hi. I found a very interesting example that uses warp.

in the IsaacSim > Window > Warp > Scenes > Particle Simulation (please see the image).

Q1. I tried to set it in my own environment, but I have no idea how to create “geompoints” on the Stage window.
Actually, this is the only part that I found about geompoints.
Since I couldn’t find the helpful docs, I appreciate it If you give me some tips or detailed step-by-step documents.

Q2. Is the warp version of the liquid particle simulation (i.e. omni-graph based) faster than the previous one (i.e., without omni-graph)?


… and I cannot find any information about ognParticleSolver on the Omnigraph documentation.