Simple animated water?

Hey, I remember I have seen a video how to make a simple animated water surface.

Like this:

here is also some more:

I want to use this water in Nvidia free asset Bwronstone, there is a water pool in large park.

Hello @pekka.varis! The development team is working on water samples in for our Showroom app.

The development team informed me that the swimming pool demo has not been released yet due to some technical limitations with the water simulation physics. We do have several demos planned for release in the very near future, that one included!

(From this post: Omniverse Showroom Dip Pool Demo Availability)

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Thanks Wendy!

Meanwhile - if anybody have any idea how to do just a super simple slowly moving water surface please let us know?

Do you want to physical water? Or would animating normals be okay?

Hell yes, animating normals is what I need for this.

Water Shader + Action Graph will do it.


  • Water Material with Phase input.


  • Create a Water Material
  • Window > Visual Scripting > Action Graph
  • New Action Graph
  • Create On Tick Node
  • Create To Float Node
  • Connect On Tick > Absolute Simulation Time to the To Float Node
  • Drag Water Material Shader to graph
  • Create Write Attribute
  • Set Attribute Name to input:water_phase
  • Connect Tick out to Exec In
  • Connect To Float to Write Prim Value input


  • Disable On Tick Only Simulate On Play.
  • To Control speed use Multiply and Constant Float with a value of 0.2
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Here is a video of the process. Only took 2 minutes.


Work out of the box! Best solution ever, there is even the displacement of the underwater elements :)

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Could you advise where you obtained the water material with phase input?

Much Obliged

If your question was for me Eric, I just followed the video above and made it manually from scratch.

Any water material in the Material Assets should have that parameter. Check the video I posted.


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ahh i found them under vMaterials! Thanks Eric :)

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This is another way. I see it has been solved, this is an easy way to me.

Here is a method without Action Graph (because I don’t know how to use that).

How to Animate Water


Hey this is a good alt way to do this, and combined they give even more power to shape the water stream direction…

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