Simple Underwater FX / Shader / Filter


I’m looking to implement an underwater FX element to my Omniverse create scene similar to that shown in the following video:

I’d like to be able to restrict the distance in which the camera can see, while displaying floating particles and providing the blue hue shade as seen in the video.

I currently have a basic cube with a water material.

Any help / advice would be appreciated.

Much obliged,


View from above the water with fish farms and boat for context

Hello @wullbert! I’ve reached out to the team for some assistance. Thanks for reaching out to us!

Hi @wullbert - I would handle any underwater effects shots via Global Volumetric Effects (Render Settings → Common → Global Volumetric Effects).

You could determine your fog density, falloff, and transmittance/scattering color to determine how far the camera ‘sees’ in the scene as well as assign the blue hue that you want. I’ve attached a screenshot with an example render as well as the settings that I’ve applied to get the render result.

Separately from that, you could add in your floating particles and they would be affected by the fog falloff distance that you determine.

Finally, I would only use the water material for any boundary changes, i.e. if the camera is viewing the surface of the water from either above the water or beneath the water. Any scenes that are entirely underwater that don’t show a boundary change don’t need to be ‘inside a water cube’ as the light behavior will be uniform in a consistent environment.

Thanks @WendyGram !

Hi! I try to build a cube with a water material to simulate an underwater environment too.
But I found that other objects is forced as normal space rather underwater environment in this cube, so is this a right method to simulate an underwater environment?