Creating a planet's atmosphere


In a project I am developing, I am trying to recreate a low earth orbit visualization. However, for it to look good, I need to add some light absorption around the earth. I searched through the different materials, and couldn’t figure out how to do that.

I have also seen that there is a fog system that does exactly that, yet to my knowledge, it cannot be contained into a sphere, or controlled really.

To be more concise, this would be the kind of end results I am looking for:

Any help would be appreciated,



Hello @ARi_31! I’ve forwarded this post to the dev team for further assistance!

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Hi Wendy, did you get any feedback?

Hi ARi,
It is hard to describe over text but you do not need to “contain” the fog. Most of this effect is just a “glow” of the planet. This can be achieved easily with using the FFT BLOOM post render effect. You can add some “Global Volumetric Effect” fog and let the bright planet do the work. If I can, I will recreate this effect for you in CREATE and post the video. The best fog effects come through the IRAY rendering system.

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