Create sky environment with Sphere shape

I saw a tutorial before where a sphere is created and a texture applied to it to create a dome sky effect, so when I zoom in into the inside of the sphere, it looks like I’m in the dome. However I can’t find it now.
In the screenshot below I can map a material to the sphere but it will only display by checking ‘Enable UVW’ properties, however it’s tiled. Is there a better way?

Hi Qazs,
To be honest, this is possible but not the best approach for photo realism and correct physical lighting. Simple apply the same texture to a DOME LIGHT, and have the same effect, but much easier. Better still just use a correctly formatted HDRI sky or environment. If you still need a particular background in your renderings, better to light the scene properly with an HDRI and apply your background texture to a plane, and place it in the background as a backdrop. Creating a sphere that engulfs the whole scene, will then block out all environment light and create its own problems with rendering.

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