Is it possible to scale HDRI images?


Elementary question.
I couldn’t find the appropriate category, so let me ask it here
■Issue 01
Assign an HDR image to the Dome light, and use the character and
When compared to the character, the HDR image appears to have a larger Sacle effect.
Is there any way to adjust this?

■Issue 02

Also, as in the above link
I would like to have a hemispheric setting, so that the character is set on the ground, is this possible with the current DomeLight functionality?
I think a spherical HDR image is applied with the current Dome light.


Hello @AtsushiMiyazono! Have you tried adjusting the Texture Format of the HDR file?


There are 5 different formats you can set it to:

  • automatic: Tries to determine the layout from the file itself. For example, Renderman texture files embed an explicit parameterization.
  • latlong: Latitude as X, longitude as Y.
  • mirroredBall: An image of the environment reflected in a sphere, using an implicitly orthogonal projection.
  • angular: Similar to mirroredBall but the radial dimension is mapped linearly to the angle, providing better sampling at the edges.
  • cubeMapVerticalCross: A cube map with faces laid out as a vertical cross.

I will need to check with the team about a hemispheric setting. I’ll post back when I have more information for you!

Thank you for your reply.
I tried above these format. But it wasn’t resolved.
The latlong format appears to be correct, but
However, the Scale is still too large and the asset looks like a miniature.

Is there a parameter that adjusts scale for HDR images?

Would it still be possible to resolve the sense of scale unless it is an open outdoor space or something, rather than a small space?

Hello @AtsushiMiyazono
It is not possible to change the scale, as the dome light is infinitely-sized.
An alternative would be to have a sphere with flipped normals and an emissive material applied with a high intensity. In the Environment Browser, the skies are such spheres for example.
Hope it helps!

Thank you!
I understood the content.
I’ll give it a try.

Was there a feature similar to the HDRI backdrop in UE4, the ability to semi-sphere and resolve grounding?

We look forward to your continued response!

@AtsushiMiyazono By Grounding, do you mean something like Matte Object? Post-Processing — Omniverse Create documentation