Dome Light HDRI & sharing data on nucleus problems

I have run into 2 seemingly related issues lately:

  1. If I create a dome light & apply an HDRI from my Nvidia virtual machine desktop, everything loads & renders fine. If I copy this HDR texture to the nucleus and point to the new location, it no longer allows me to render the HDR. It says the texture failed to upload. However, I have a colleague that is able to open the same scene from his VM and render the HDR that is on the nucleus without a problem.

  2. If I right click on the HDR texture and select download through content browser on Create, it will not download to my VM, but if I right click on a USD file, it downloads without a problem. The HDR downloads for my colleague without a problem.

These issues make me wonder if there is a problem with my connection to the nucleus since my colleague can access the data without a problem.

Do you have a suggestion of what I can do to resolve this issue?

Following up on this, it appears that I am now having the same problems with USD files on the nucleus.

Hi TheBeals, Sorry to hear you are having issues. I’ll pass this info along to the devs and try to get you some answers. It would be helpful if you could provide some logs from Create.
They are typically located here: C:Users<you>.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\

kit_20210714_093222.log (183.6 KB)

Here you are, I did a new session today and the last action was trying to the load the HDR for the nucleus.


Hi TheBeals,
Your issue is being tracked in OM-34542. The team is working on it currently.

Just trying to rule some stuff out, if you put something else in that directory are you able to open it? It looks like your HDR is in this directory, so if you put a jpg there, are you able to assign it to the color of a shader or something simple like that?

Just trying to see if it’s got anything to do with the permissions on that folder.

If I use .jpg, I can load the jpg into the HDR which is odd that that works when the HDR doesn’t. I also seem to not be able to access some of the mdl materials as it can’t find the module (ubershader). We installed Drive and when we try and copy files it asks for administrator permissions that doesn’t seem to occur on other VMs.

Interesting. So jpg is working but just HDR is not? Do you know which mdl materials are not working?

Feels like there are several problems:

  1. hdr isn’t working
  2. mdl is looking for the module you might not have
  3. Drive wants admin permissions (just for you and not other VMs)

That sound right?

Makes me have a few more questions:

  1. is it just this HDR or will it not let you use any HDR at all?
  2. how did you copy the file to the nucleus? Using Drive or in the content browser within create? does the content browser work for copying?

We can organize a call if it’s easier.

a call might be easier/faster to debug, If the hdr or any other file type is on my desktop it works just fine, it’s only when it’s on the nucleus. So if that exact HDR is on my vm desktop, it loads and renders just fine. If it’s in the nucleus it doesn’t work.

We are going to reinstall omniverse and see if that helps.

Good news everyone. Reinstalling omniverse seems to have fixed what was going on. Everything appears to be working correctly now. Thank you for helping with this. I will reply back if it reverts in behavior.

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Fantastic news! Really sorry to hear the headaches happened.

Hit us up if anything else goes weird.

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