Failed to load texture

Hi there i keep getting console messages in create like this -
2021-11-18 09:04:42 [Error] [] get_subidentifier_from_material: Failed to read file - material browser doesnt show any materials…
Since I’m located in germany - is there a possibility to switch to a local nucleus for materials in the material browser ? thank you

Hello @michael.wagner1! I passed your questions along to the team. I hope to hear back soon! Thanks for reaching out to us!

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thank you Wendy :-)

Hello @michael.wagner1. We recently had an AWS outage which may have caused this issue to happen. Are you still seeing this issue?

Thanks for looking into that Wendy, unfortunately it’s still happening:
2021-12-30 09:41:14 [Error] [] get_subidentifier_from_material: Failed to read file
I’ve just seen that it doesnt seem a to be a problem on serverside - the content is downloadable with curl for example…
Happy Holidays :-)

Thanks, @michael.wagner1 - great to see you here! :) I’ve shared your confirmation of this error with the dev team and will update here with any info. I’m sorry for the inconvenience…hang in there, we’ll get it figured out.


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Hi Edmar thanks alot, highly appreciated :-)

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