Omniverse assets are not loading

Hi, I am not able to use Omniverse create. It opens but does’t load the assets, material, skies samples. I have uploaded the log file below.

This is the error in short :-
"2022-01-05 15:05:59 [0ms] [Info] [omni.structuredlog.plugin] successfully loaded the settings file ‘C:/Users/akash/.nvidia-omniverse/config/privacy.toml’ into the settings registry.
2022-01-05 15:05:59 [0ms] [Info] [] App Name: ‘Create.Next’, App Version: ‘2021.3.8-rc.5’, Kit Version: ‘102.1.2+release.47357.4f16da3a.teamcity’
2022-01-05 15:05:59 [0ms] [Info] [] Argv: [E:\OminiVerse\Lib\create-2021.3.8\kit\kit.exe, E:\OminiVerse\Lib\create-2021.3.8\apps/omni.create.kit, --/persistent/xr/profile/tabletar/enabled=false, --/app/environment/name=‘launcher’]
2022-01-05 15:05:59 [0ms] [Info] [] Applied configs: [e:/ominiverse/lib/create-2021.3.8/kit/config/kit-core.json, E:\OminiVerse\Lib\create-2021.3.8\apps/omni.create.kit, C:/Users/akash/.nvidia-omniverse/config/privacy.toml, E:/OminiVerse/DataPath/Kit/Create.Next/2021.3/user.config.json]
2022-01-05 15:05:59 [0ms] [Info] [] "

kit_20220105_203559.log (333.9 KB)

Hello @user119408! I took a quick peek at your log file and found some of the errors you are talking about.

2022-01-05 15:06:43 [43,405ms] [Error] [omni.kit.browser.folder.core.models.folder_browser_data] Timeout 10 seconds when listing Please check your network and connection to the url. Otherwise increase the timeout.

Do you have a web browser (like Chrome) set as your default browser? If not, please do so and try again. Let me know if this helps!

I am already using Chrome and it is a default brower for my PC. This is the warning message send to me in console box “2022-01-05 17:20:54 [Warning] [] Different GPUs have different availalbe VRAM. The texture streaming system will be limited to the lower VRAM number
2022-01-05 17:20:54 [Warning] [carb.renderer.plugin] Not starting stream server for live stream, due to conflicts with cloudXR”

I am using RTX 3060. I have check all my drivers and made sure I am using Nvida Studio Driver.

Thank you for talking out time for these!

Thanks for checking on that for me. I have informed the dev team to help us out! I’ll post back when I hear more.

Hi @user119408! The dev team informed me that based on your logs it looks like the problem is that you can’t connect to the server.

It could be an internet connection problem. Are you experience any issues with your internet connection?