Texture on plane looks wrong

I created a random texture or extracted from jpg files and applied to a plane shape.
As in graphics.py, any textures can correctly be applied to the sphere shape.
But when I apply the texture on a plane shape, the result looks weired.

Here is the result of texture on plane.

This is my code for applying texture:
texture = np.random.randint(low=0, high=255, size=(24, 24, 4), dtype=np.uint8)
texture[:, :, -1] = 255
self.random_texture_handle = self.gym.create_texture_from_buffer(self.sim, 24, 24, texture)

    self.gym.set_rigid_body_texture(env_ptr, l_bg_actor, 0, gymapi.MESH_VISUAL_AND_COLLISION, self.random_texture_handle)

How can I apply texture on plane correctly?

Hi, have u found the solution for this issue?