Texture Box/Screen

Hey guys,

Isaac Gym is looking very promising for future RL research! Currently I am trying to replicate a simple vision related RL environment with a static background and a floating screen with interchangeable textures, but I am not able/sure how to apply a texture to a side of a box (used as screen with a very shallow depth, the texture is just a square .jpg image). As far as I could tell, the examples only provide insight into mapping textures onto spheres and coloring boxes.

I hope this is possible with the current release! Any hints or ideas how to achieve this?

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Hi @juliank

We’re glad you’re excited about Isaac Gym!

Please have a look through the docs/programming/graphics.html area of the documentation. Specifically:

Texture coordinates are loaded with the mesh when the asset is created. If a mesh does not contain any texture coordinates, they are generated using a spherical projection at the time the asset is loaded.

Both MJCF and URDF formats should allow you to provide a mesh with your own texture coordinates if you don’t want to use the default wrapping.

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