Adding custom tabs and properties to the Viewer GUI


Is there a way to add custom tabs and properties to the Viewer GUI?


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Anyone an answer to this? Also how can I change the background color from black to another one? Can I add a texture to it like in a Skybox?

Hi @noshaba,

I’m afraid that the Isaac Gym Preview Release does not support any capabilities along these lines. This kind of robust graphics and UI interaction is exactly why we are in the process of transitioning the Gym features into the much more feature-rich Omniverse based Isaac Sim system.

The Omniverse Kit framework that Isaac Sim is built on includes an extensive UI system, and is extremely customizable. You may want to check out Omniverse Code, a development tool for creating customized extensions which would also be usable in Isaac Sim: Code Overview — Omniverse Code documentation

We’re working hard on delivering Gym features within Isaac Sim as soon as possible.

Take care,