Could Issac support GUI development?

Like Unity , could Issac put public custom property on the GUI Inspector?I just saw that the Menu Bar development seems to be customized through extensions.

Hi @wuxu12. Isaac Sim is built on Kit so you could absolutely extend the UI by writing your own extensions. Have a look here for getting started:

Also, for custom properties, you can store them as custom USD Attributes.

Thank you for your apply. There is another question, could Issac sim offer some GUI tools like button , textField, label , inputField…etc upon I start simulating the sim ?


I’m sorry to just find that the extensions need to execute “kit.exe”,but I have to make developments on linux. Do extensions or kit support linux environment? How should I do on custom extensions without executing “kit.exe”?

We offer a variety of standard UI controls: omni.ui: Omniverse UI Framework — kit-sdk 103.1 documentation. You can also create your own custom controls.

Extensions are meant to be run as a part of Kit. I should clarify though that you can absolutely develop and execute extensions on Linux. The Kit executable on that platform is “kit”.

Thank you very much

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