Does Omniverse have any plans to improve lighting?

It seems hard to me to create things like lights that are visible, LED lights, Street Lights, etc.

Your lights seem to give off light, but not resemble a light.

If you have a suggestion box, I think this is one area that needs improvement.


Wouldnt you need some type of GI and Atmospherics in order to give lights some “glow”?

Are you saying you already added those elements and its not meeting your needs?

I am just saying a light that is also a mesh or prop or something.

The point light is not visible, it just gives off light. It seems like some lights that can be part of the scene would be better than invisible lights.

Something like this I don’t know how to do:

Hi @DataJuggler

What about using the emissivity property of the materials to achieve such an effect as in the NVIDIA LightBulb sample?

In fact, I use this trick to “animate” lights:

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I will look at that. I have only used the Add Brightness for an Omni PBR.

That still requires you to have a prop or something to use. That is why I wish for more built in types of lights.


Hi DataJuggler,
Thanks for the question. The good news is this is already possible with a little toggle option. In the Light Properies panel, there is an option called “Visible in Primary Ray”. Turn this on and off to actually “see” the light in the viewport as well as the lights influence.

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I will count that as what I learned today. Thank you.