Glass and Lights reflection

Hi, I am facing problems with glass and light sources, when seeing through glass material be it single side or double side or even mesh with thickness in PT mode, its showing reflection/“black shadow” of the light sources, is there anyway to hide the light source but still retain the lights illumination like in vray or other offline renderer ?

This is rather important for interior rendering as although not “physically accurate” there is a need to sometimes brighten up the place for rendering while the light source stay invisible.
I tried the usual method which is to turn specular multiplier setting of the light source to 0 but when view through any glass material it show black shadow/shape of the light source. The only method I got it to kinda work and only on the rect light and disc light was to rotate the light souce 180 degrees and sort of bounce the light to the ceiling but the effect don’t work well(see attached). Currently testing create for my company as a viable alternative to offline renderers, kinda like the speed, shadow/lighting quality and collaborative/non destructive workflow but without this option it will be hard to sell this off as viable to my company.

Any help on whether there is viable work around to achieve this or any timeline to get this option out?

I love the scene you are putting together and hope to get an answer on your great request shortly. Standby!

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Hi @user131001! It looks like the development team has a few bugs they are working on that may be related to your issue. The issue occurs if you turn on/off visible primary rays. Also, The domelight can cause differences between RT vs PT.

I’ve added this post to the development tickets and I will post back here when I get more information!
(for reference, Internal Tickets OM-30482 & OM-30481).

In the new create version 2022.1.0 beta, by turning specular multiplier setting of the light source to 0 will not cause visible light source or the black patch in path tracer mode while looking at the light through glass or glass’s reflection. While in RTX Real time mode, the light source is either visible or seen as a black patch no matter the setting, this still need to be fix for RTX Real time renderer but great job fixing it for the path tracer renderer .