Controlling lights in reflections/refractive bodies

Hi, I’m currently trying to find information on using rect-lights in scenes with reflective surfaces and refractive bodies, specifically how to disable their visibility in reflections and through refractive bodies. In the example below I have rect-lights in both of my windows to push light into the room, however, through the glass door it is plainly visible which is undesirable.

Here’s another example with a mirror in my scene, it’s not visible in the primary ray, coming straight from the window, but is plainly visible in the reflection which is also not a great look for my scene.

Light in mirror

Any information regarding how I can control the visibility of lights in these manners would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hello @liam.c! I contacted the development team to help. I will post here when I have more information!

Hello @liam.c! The development team informed me that this feature will be available in the next release version!

Hi Wendy! Thanks for your response. I just wanted to check if this feature has been added in release 2022.1.5, or whether it’s scheduled for the next major release. Thanks!

Hello @liam.c! I just got confirmation that this feature will be in the next release!