Problems with Mirror reflections in path tracer reflections

Hi Everyone,

Surprisingly having issues with the path tracer rendering with reflection in mirror. Path tracer rendering was rendered with 6 reflection bounces and 15 spec and transmission bounce with 4000 rendering samples, still the output was poor, the lines are not that visible as it should, the real time have a better visible lines here. Please see comparison below of the two. Have anyone have a work around or solution to this? Thank you.

RTX Real time:

Path tracer

Hi David,
Yes this should look very clean and crisp. Especially with 4000 samples. I wonder if you should turn off the denoiser and then send me the raw noised output. The troubling thing is that the mirror is dark. That means we are losing light reflection. Are you sure the material is pure mirror and reflective ? Can you try one in iray accurate just to check ? The only thing I can think is that you are using a very noisy and difficult lighting setup. Are you using built in Composer lighting ? If you want me to take a look at the scene I can. You can DM me privately with the file. It should not need 4000 samples. No way. More like the standard 512 at most.

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@Richard3D ,

Found the issue to do with dome light, if I uncheck the cast shadow on the floor mesh which in this case allow the light to pass through the floor, it renders much closer to what I expects with 3000 samples as shown below although I think it shouldn’t need this setting to do that in the first place.

If I were being honest with you, I would say that this is a simple scene that RTX Realtime can easily handle. Is there some reason you are using PT ? This should be able to be explored completely in realtime at 60fps.

Are you Enterprise ? Are you working with an Nvidia Solution Architect ?

Hi David, glad to hear that you solved it! Though, the light passing through the floor might lead to very innacurate lighting, no?

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