Problems with glass rendering on path tracer

Recently did some test with an interior scene, so some observations of crucial issues which I think will be great for the developers to fix down the line as I’m sure these are common scenarios which most ppl will encounter.

  1. Details of textures are either not showing, muddy/smearing due to the denoiser aggressiveness and its even worst when it is behind a glass material. The only way I’ve find out how to resolve this to a certain extend is via reducing the glass opacity and also increase the OptiX Denoiser blend factor to something like 0.3, not ideal actually, would prefer the glass material be able to show the details which is very visible in real time without turning on opacity . What this also means is that there is a need to substantially increase the samples count (long render time, kinda like vray where it will take hrs to reached a usable final output) to compensate for the noise in the render. Can there be a better balance of denoising and details ratio in OptiX denoiser ? Seems like Intel Open Image Denoiser does a better job at retaining the details while denoising, can that be added as an option when it comes to denoising, if not how about updating the OptiX in omniverse to the lastest update of optiX where it might help ?

(Realtime - Barstool details can be seen)

(Path trace - 2hr. Glass with no opacity, pendant light in the enclosed kitchen unable to see the light.)

(Path trace - 1hr 10mins render in path tracer. Details barely visible even after all the “hacks” used)

  1. The example is a glass material in the scene, glass with a normal map applied to create a fluted glass effect .If the scene is using the environment skylight the windows turn black as shown. Glass material behaves weird in path tracer when normal map is applied, but much better in real time(at least as expected). Some non-glass materials that is with opacity turn black in real time like the metallic pendant light.

(Real time)

(Path tracer)

  1. Glass material with normal map, straight up disappear when opacity is turn on and move to 0.99 , unlike the glass with no normal map whereby opacity slider control the visibility gradually.

Can you PM me the scene so I can investigate further please.