Will reflection optimize more clear when ansel 8x?

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watch my glass , reflection not perfect in result!
how to optimize it?

It’s hard to tell from the image if that’s related to Ansel or a result of some roughness from the glass material. I’m assuming that’s Path Traced mode?

Can you post a render at normal resolution without Ansel to compare?

The look on the glass just looks like the denoiser trying to clean up a really poorly sampled render.

Turn off denoising to see what it actually looks like.
Then, raise samples until the noise looks almost ok.
Then enable denoiser again to clean up the last noise if needed.

I use “create”! change setting

not sure denoise work fine

not use ansel , just screen shot

last one don’t use denoise , seem great now

Note that you can increase the total number of samples per pixel to more than 64 in the path tracing settings.

128 sample
denoise 0.7

1024 sample
no denoise
seem work! on the right way!