Get a light spot reflected from a mirror

Hi, I’m using a Create 3.3 to experiment with light effects.
I’ve created a scene where a rect light source is directed toward a mirror.
I expect that light will be reflected from the mirror and make a sharp light spot on the plane opposite to the mirror. However there is no such a spot. I have Caustics enabled in a Renderer Settings tab. Is it ever possible to have such effect working in Create?

Have you tried this in Path Traced render mode?

hi @Mykola-777 ,

Did a simple setup maybe you can reference this in the attached file.
What’s surprising is that RTX real time cast a better reflection for the visible rect light, while no surprises that the emissive plane is reflected correctly on both, so maybe there is some issues in the reflections when turning on the visible light source on the lights.

Mirror scene_001.usd (10.1 KB)

RTX Realtime

Path Tracer

Hi David,
Thank you for reply.
Indeed, when both planes are mirrors - you get nice reflections.
But reflections are not renderred once you put non reflective material on the top plane.
Here is my result with the material omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Materials/Base/Plastics/Rubber_Smooth.mdl put on the top plane.

Hi Pekka,
Thank you for reply.
Path Traced mode gives the same result - no light spot rendered on the top plane.

Hi @Mykola-777 ,

Hmmm if the top material is totally black and non reflective at all then there is no way there could be any reflection as per real life results, the top material would need to at least be ard 0.5 in roughness to show any visible reflection imo.

To me this looks like undeveloped feature of caustics. I tried many materials from Textile, Plastics groups in omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Materials/Base/ repo and they all have the same behaviour - reflected light spot is not rendered on them.

If you’re talking about caustic then you would have to turn on caustic settings in the light itself, best caustic renderer atm in omniverse is RTX-Accurate(Iray) but yea Iray is extremely resource heavy so you would need good hardware to test that out without crashing. Even then I find Iray in omniverse not developed to production ready levels yet, so would’t be surprise if it doesn’t do everything as intended.

“…caustic settings in the light itself…”
Didn’t know about this property, thanks for a hint.
Enabling it didn’t improve the result though.
Enabled Iray, waited some minute or so, and it has produced some reflected spot, but not really the one I expected.

Thanks for the inquiry. The option you are looking for is “visible in Primary Ray”. This option can be found on the light itself. Engaging this option will reveal the actual light source in reflections.

Hi Richard, thank you for reply.
I changed the option from disabled to enabled but nothing has changed on the scene.
I’ve foun this topic Light shape visible through refraction - #4 by PhilippeR. Could it be that I have to tweak the Renderer’s Common tab settings?

This setting is for Path Tracing (Interactive). Real time does not do realistic reflections and with Accurate (iray) this option does not work.

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