Light reflection in glass

How can I turn off the light source reflection on glass in Iray photoreal mode. It is not there in Path-traced. attached is a markup of the light issue in glass reflection.

small.pdf (50.0 KB)

Hello @fsheng21. I have notified the development team to take a look at your file.

What is your Operating System, GPU, and GPU Driver?

In the meantime, here is a link to our documentation which may help give you some answers.

Hi: Window 10 pro. RTX 3080 and latest driver.
Will review your link.

From the image I cannot see where the lights are and which type they are:
The render settings have those options:

Light Visible in Primary Rays Adds the visibility of lights other than emissive geometry. Options are:

Per-Light Enable : Defined in each light respectively.

Force Enable : Enabled for all lights regardless of light settings.

Force Disable : Disabled for all lights regardless of light settings.

Have you played with those?

I don’t understand why you want to remove the reflection because it actually exists.
I did a test with an “Omniglass” element and another in mirror, with two circular lights and the reflection is visible if the point of view of the camera is below the light.
And this one is visible for RTX Rendering; Path tracing and Iray the only difference is that in Iray area light is visible, while for the others you have to play with the parameters that AFUCHS mentioned.

but it seems that some basic MDL materials do not work well, while in Vmaterial category they work. “to be checked”

ok i am sorry it’s just a texture loading problem

Thanks all for responding. I am using the disk light incorrectly. I was trying to replicate a light bulb or cone light. but as i increase the radius, the reflection in glass also enlarge and it looks funny in image.
In view, I was able to replicate a cone light and it works great. Any suggestion to create a cone shape fixture in create?

hello Franck,

I searched a bit because Iray accepts IES type measured light files. I found where it is necessary to import this file, look in the “shaping” part of the properties of the light and test to see. I did not quite understand everything but we will see later.

I created a topic on the IES files we’ll see if there are people with more ideas.

bye bye
IES file with light - Apps / Create - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Thank for the direction. It is in shaping, light behaves differently in view. will need further study but i did solved the problem with your direction. Will post result soon.