Any tips on light up a room? And Export a Png

I have watched a video on lighting, and it gave a good overview, but I have a lot of dark areas in my poker room I brought over from IClone. I have tried several things and haven’t gotten a good result yet.

How do you render an image as png? All your help says it is simple. I tried Export, you don’t have .png as an option.

I can’t read the text of these blue buttons. Light blue on white text is not friendly to people with poor vision.

What do these blue buttons say?
Tried to render, had to do a screen shot because I don’t see a Render button.
Your simple is my complex.

Edit: I used an image editor to read the buttons, and now I realize there is a Capture image button. Changing the colors from blue to dark would help others with poor vision.

The light over each poker table exported well, it the corners of the room I would like to light up. Very new to Omniverse so please use a ‘for dummies’ answers if possible. Thanks

Edit: I used Sphere lights, and it looks better. New software is intimidating to old dogs.

Thank you

If you want to raise the luminosity of dark corners / walls of your room, you can use the Cylinder Light:

See I have scaled it longer in X, so it can be used on long walls :)

Thanks for the reply. I used Sphere lights. When I render the image, I see more light bounce on the ceiling than I notice in the view port, but still better.

Maybe you know this. If I hide a light in the right hand side, the light is deactivated. Is there anyone to hide it and keep the light on?

Sorry I do not know about this feature… Never needed that so much. I use the eye icon on / off all the time thought too.

One thing about sphere lights; If use use large sphere lights, they might end up causing “flashing” a bit in the renders. Smaller are more safer.

The lights should have a property called “visible in primary ray” which can hide them from the camera rays, though that might not work when they are behind transparent materials.

Mind that the Omniverse renderers are doing global illumination with physically correct behavior of lights.
I would strongly discourage adding fake invisible lights to brighten up your scene. That’s not how the real world works.
Instead handling that like an architect who’s picking the correct lights to let a room look nice should be the preferred approach to get realistic images.

OK. This was a prototype test. Just wanted to see how my props came in from IClone.

Biggest thing I like is how fast I can duplicate props, so I will do all this again.