How to render and save picture with Create

Nvidia made a really stunning ting with Omniverse. I have just started to learn it. My problem the documentation is very confusing, it is not linear, difficult to follow. But the real problem is I can’t find in it how to render a picture and how to save it. It’s getting to drive me crazy :) Does anyone know it? :)

Hi @mypostafiok ,

Easiest way is to use F10 to take a screenshot of the viewport but by default that saves the UI too, so turn it off under Edit → preference-> Capture Screenshot → check the checkbox and fill in the saving path.

The other way you have to follow this documentation, which is using the movie capture tool where you could just render a frame or sequences.
Rendering Basics — Omniverse Materials and Rendering documentation

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Thank you. Yes that is the correct advise. Using the F10 key is the best way.

Thank you very much.
Omniverse for Blender is brilliant. Since I have found it I deleted native Blender and I use only this version.

Great. Glad you like it