Offscreen render USD scene with multi fisheye camera and save to file in a efficient way

I am the new comer of Nvidia Omniverse, and checked the documentation and source code of Movie Maker in the Nvidia Omniverse Create, but Movie Maker doesn’t seem to support setting up multiple cameras.
How can I set up multiple cameras to offscreen render the same scene?
Can anyone write an example for reference?

Hello @user76666! Welcome to the community! I need to reach out to our development team for an answer to your question. I’ll post back here when I have more information!

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Thank you for your prompt reply. Look forward to your kind reply

I understand that the question maybe ambiguous. So, if I can be of assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Hello @user76666. The developer team did get back to me and the answer / solution is not easy to do. The ability to save multiple views at the same time can only be done through Python. You would need to setup 5 views, each with a different camera, this can be done through Python or the GUI (Window->New Viewport and assign a camera).

However, the Python code needed to save all of these images to disk is the tricky part. If you have an Enterprise account with us, we can share some Python snippets with you to help you out with this process. Otherwise this is something that will be much more user-friendly in upcoming releases of Omniverse.

After few days learning about OV, I use omni.syntheticdata to save multi viewports image, these viewports use different camera which cameraProjectType is fisheyePolynomial
Maybe I can use shared memeory to avoid save file.
Thank you for your great help and support!